Greetings from Kumudini Nursing College (KNC)!
KNC is one of the many educational institutions of Kumudini Welfare Trust (KWT) which is working in the field of education, specially women’s education since 1938. The Trust was founded by Rai Bahadur Randa Prasad Shaha.
In recognition of R P Shaha’s immense success as a philanthropist “The Members of the 49th Bengalee Regiment and the Bengal Ambulance Corps” of the British Indian Army with whom he served in the Second World War accorded him a reception in Calcutta on the 2nd of October 1956. On that day, among many acts of philanthropy his colleagues wished that one day R P Shaha’s dream of a 2,000 bed hospital, a Medical College, a Nursing College and a University would come true. In his lifetime R P Shaha had set up 1050 bedded Kumudini Hospital and girls’ residential school Bharateswari Homes. R P Shah’s dream Medical College came true in 2000, Nursing College in 2007 and Ranada Prasad Shaha University in 2014.
Today, KNC is one of the premier nursing colleges of the country providing international standard nursing education locally. KNC is a fully residential institution located inside Kumudini Complex, Mirzapur. The hospital, academic building and the students’ residential hostels are all within walking distance of each other. We pride in providing absolute safety and security for all our students. The 1050 bedded Kumudini Hospital provides excellent practical training facilities for the future doctors.
I believe, like many of R P Shaha’s dreams which have come true, Kumudini Hospital shall one day expand into a 2,000 bedded unit. KNC shall also keep on growing and providing the nation and beyond with highly qualified doctors who will be able to meet the challenges of the changing world.
I wish a bright and prosperous future for all our students and hope that they carry forward the philosophy and dream of the founder of KWT in serving the poor and the distressed.

Thank you.

Rajiv Prasad Shaha
Chairman, KNC Board